From Manager to Coach: Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture

Thursday, March 24
2 PM ET, 1 PM CT, Noon MT and 11 PT

Coaching staff and watching them grow is among the most rewarding management experiences. Yet often the daily duties of our frontline managers serve as a detriment to supporting and coaching the staff who rely on them to lead. It's not that managers don't see coaching as an important part of their job, they just think they don’t have time to coach. Without coaching, staff engagement and retention suffers. In this roundtable, you'll hear from credit unions who have created and sustained their coaching culture, resulting in increased lending, improved credit card penetration, and enhanced staff engagement, among other successes.
During this session, you will:

  •  Discover how a "Coach the Coaches" model can build long-term sustainability
  •  Uncover the strength behind coaching your staff pre- and post-training to ensure behavior change
  •  Learn how you can generate excitement for coaching through manager meetings
  •  Appreciate how building internal relationships across departments can positively impact your sales success
  •  Walk away with a 7 step process to building a stronger coaching culture at your credit union 

Our Credit Union Speakers:

Tim Hagen, Sales Progress, on behalf of ESL Credit Union, Rochester, NY
Michelle Trekas, Red Canoe Credit Union, Longview, Washington
Rod Snyder, Red Canoe Credit Union, Longview, WA
Tammie Wolf, DORT Federal Credit Union, Flint, MI


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