Improving Team Performance with Data Driven Decisions

Thursday, January 26 at 11 am Central Time

In today’s workforce it is imperative that mangers understand each of their employee’s motivational needs and drives so they can create a dynamic team for optimal business success. This session will provide an overview of how to develop a plan to enhance the development of your team using group analytics. It will highlight how behavioral assessment data that is used for an individual can also be applied to improve a team’s performance and productivity.
In this session you will learn how group analytics are being used to:

  • Build organizational growth and productivity in today’s workforce.
  • Apply behavioral data throughout the employee lifecycle to align individual and organizations’ goals.
  • Enhance group collaboration and reduce conflict.
  • Understand how data can be used for coaching to improve performance and productivity.

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Dolly Penland is executive business adviser and speaker with Predictive Results who works with organizations helping them to hire and manage their talent to their highest potential. She was an award-winning freelance journalist with more than 20 years’ experience specializing in business news before focusing her talents on business advice and consultation. Penland specializes in multiple areas including helping businesses grow sales, reduce turnover and develop leaders.

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