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A Mindful Approach to Debt & Credit - Don't Stress It!
June 6th | 5:00-7:00PM | Health Yoga Life, 181 Mass. Ave., Cambridge

Do credit scores, credit card debt, and how to manage it all and still live a happy life keep you up at night? Are you looking for answers to:

  • What’s my credit score?
  • What can I do to improve it?
  • Are loans the only thing impacted by my credit score?

In fact, your credit score impacts not only your loan rates or ability to borrow, but also you chances at a new job, your insurance rates, and more! Come to our session at Health Yoga Life where our speakers from Society of Grownups will explain the ins and outs of credit, debt and how you can take control of it all.

Don’t let the stress of credit get the best of you!

As part of our event, we’ve invited one of Health Yoga Life’s co-founders, Vyda Bielkus to lead a mindfulness meditation session. With so many stressors threatening our balance daily, learning the benefits of mindfulness meditation, and understanding the power of sitting in the now to find your way past pain, stress, and dis-ease, can be life altering. Our session will include:

  • Basic overview of credit and credit reports
  • Overview of mindfulness meditation
  • 40 – 45 minute guided, seated meditation
  • Open discussion of credit, credit reports and what you can do to improve yours

As a bonus, every attendee will receive one free class. If attendees would like to stay for the 7:45PM class following the event, please email info@healthyogalife.com to register. No special yoga attire is required for our F.E.W. session! Come as you are and learn how to take control of your credit and your stress!

If you'd like to get a free credit report prior to the session, visit www.freecreditreport.com.
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