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Exploring Retirement with a Cup of Tea
Wednesday, April 18th | 5:30-7:00PM | 700 Technology Square Branch

The thought of saving for retirement can be a little daunting. The process takes time, which is why it is recommended to start saving early. While everyone’s retirement plan is different, having a solid financial retirement savings is important for all. Is your plan to travel the world or build your dream home? Will you have multiple income streams? However your retirement plan looks, our speakers from Society of Grownups will provide tips on retirement planning and the retirement options available based on your future goals and needs.

In addition to exploring the process of retirement planning, we’ve invited Hillel Bromberg, a certified tea sommelier, to explore the world in a cup of tea. We’ll consider how tea is made, where it comes from, and how types of tea differ – and compare the process to retirement planning – diversifying funds, putting away a little at a time and leaving it there to grow.

Open your palate to the remarkable variety of loose leaf tea. Delicate whites and yellows, buttery oolongs, refreshing greens, and deep, rich pu-ehrs. Spend some time getting to know tea’s delightful flavors and aromas, as well as its health benefits and ceremonies from around the world. You’ll sample several varieties and learn how to steep tea for best flavor.

As always, our events are open to all, members, non-members, men, women, and anyone else interested in joining the conversation!

Meet our Presenters:

Hillel Bromberg grew up drinking Constant Comment and Lipton with lots of sugar and lemon. His love affair with tea began with a rich pu-ehr that tasted like no tea he’d ever had. Then he found a malty keemun. When the oolongs entered his life, he knew he’d found a home in tea. Hillel is a certified tea sommelier always looking to increase his own knowledge of tea and expose as many people as possible to the delights of Camellia sinensis. When he’s not steeping, Hillel writes, bikes, cares for his family, and cooks fine vegetarian fare.

Rachel Rabinovich is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who leads the planning team at Society of Grownups, a digital hub for financial wellness and topics around adulthood. Her life is a personal testament to the power that financial planning has to make a positive and lasting impact. Rachel’s passion is to pay it forward and help others make intentional choices so they can enjoy their lives today while still planning for the future.

Tyler Dolan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional at Society of Grownups who has a slight obsession with STAR WARS™ LEGO® ships. He got his Master's degree at Bentley University and started his career at UBS Financial Services. Everybody's financial goals are different, so Tyler believes that financial advice should be tailored to each individual. Volunteering at a local financial literacy initiative helped Tyler develop a passion for empowering people to take control of their financial lives.


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