Councils Community Tour and Q&A

Tuesday, May 2 at 1pm central

It's time to join the conversation!

Whether you are a new member, or have been around for awhile, we invite you to explore our exclusive Councils networking platform. Attend this fast Community Tour to see how this tool can connect you with peers, build your knowledge base, and get your questions answered. 

Things we'll cover:

  •  The Discussion options - Network with your own Council and across all 7 Councils

  •  How to attach files to posts - Include documents to share with peers

  •  Interacting online or via email - Post a question or reply to a Discussion either way

  •  Managing Community emails - Notification types, rules to store in folders, and the Consolidated Digest

  • How to search for content  - Find what you need from discussions and libraries

Join us to learn how to get networking in no time, and take full advantage of this great tool.

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