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Self-Defense For You and Your Money
November 14th | 5:30-7:00PM | Media Room, Zesiger Center, 120 Vassar Street, Cambridge

Financial Self-Defense
Phishing, Ransomware, Identity Theft, Data Breaches….the list of cyber security attacks and threats against our financial and digital life grows daily. The sophistication of cyber-criminals is also growing – learn tips, tricks and best practices to help keep your finances and identity safe.

Self-Defense Tips and Techniques
Knowledge is defense. Understanding cyber security attacks and threats and how to protect yourself can help prevent you from becoming a victim. Learning tips and techniques to identify and avoid unsafe situations in everyday life is also an important thing to know – whether you’re walking down the street, running through the park, or relaxing in your own home.

Our Speakers
MIT FCU’s IT Specialist, Yasmine St. Eugene, will address the most common types of cyber security attacks; socially engineered malware, password phishing, social media threats and unpatched software. Learn tips and tricks to avoid becoming a victim of these all too common threats.

Dave Hagymas, the MIT Men’s Tennis Head Coach, has been teaching MIT students self-defense as a credited course for years. He will offer tips on how to avoid unsafe situations, and techniques to defend yourself in a potentially violent encounter.

This seminar is designed to provide basic knowledge to make you feel safer – in both the digital world and real world.
The night will consist of:

  • Basic overview of financial self-defense, cyber-security, and what to do if you’ve been hacked
  • Overview of and a 45 minute to 1 hour session of self-defense techniques
  • Open discussion

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