Cybersecurity - The IS Journey

Do we have a treat for you!  CUNA is a member of FS-ISACS, the Financial Services - Information Sharing and Analysis Center, the global financial industry's go to resource for cyber and physical threat intelligence analysis and sharing. This collaboration brings us a speaker with a GREAT story to tell. 

Heather McMalman is the Credit Union Council Manager for the FS-ISAC.  Prior to joining FS-ISAC her credit union asked her to assume the information security role and responsibilities, including creation of the IS program from the ground up. She grew that program from basic and foundational to progressive and forward-thinking, where all departments were invested and involved. 

Join us as she shares in her own words that while a healthy budget and dedicated personnel can help a credit union establish a solid Information Security Program, executive support, department leadership and staff’s understanding of why cybersecurity is paramount to them are crucial to make that same IS Program robust, holistic, and progressive. The tale of how one mid-sized credit union made these changes will be shared not from the CEO’s or COO’s perspective, but from the one person tasked with guiding these efforts.

Meet Your Speaker:  Heather McMalman, CISSP, GCCC
Credit Union Council Manager for the FS-ISAC

Heather works with both the Community Institution Credit Union Council and the FS-ISAC Exercises team of (FS-ISAC). Heather started in IT in 1992 and entered service with a credit union in Columbia, SC, in 2006. In 2010, she was asked to fill the Information Security Manager position and build that credit union’s IS Program. She joined FS-ISAC in 2017 and enjoys helping credit unions become more secure and protected.

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