Standing 'OUT' During Events

Thursday, August 10 at 1 pm CT

Branch traffic is changing.  The foot traffic is not what is was 5 years ago.  Events help lead to growth and increased foot traffic...right?? 

Why is it that some of our events leave us scratching our heads while others lead to success?  What is the difference?  What stands "OUT" about the successful events?  Did you realize the success or failure of your event is determined long before you show up?

 Spencer Carver
Meet Your Speaker:   AVP - SEG Development, Mountain America Credit Union

Spencer has spent more than a decade working for the credit union movement.  Prior to his time at Mountain America, he worked for two other financial institutions. As an AVP of Business Development, Spencer oversees the development and growth of more than 5000 Select Employer Groups (SEG). He works closely with members of the Branch Administration, Business, Investment, Mortgage, Branches and Insurance Services team to ensure appropriate membership growth strategies are in place.

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