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Clear the Clutter: Organizing your Home, Office, Life & Finances
Wednesday, June 20th | 5:30-7:00PM | 700 Technology Square Branch

Does your home or office need organization? Do your finances feel out of control? Sometimes clutter sneaks up on us and can make life unbearable. Taking the time to declutter; clearing our physical surroundings, and putting our finances in order, can assist us in improving our physical and mental state. But how do you get started? Thankfully, in this session, our F.E.W. experts from Organiz-ER and Society of Grownups will help you begin thinking of ways to start this process.
If your finances need a bit of organization, Rachel and Tyler from Society of Grownups will show you ways to get them back on track! We’ll share recommendations on how to organize debt and how to pay it off in ways that make the most sense.
For ways to declutter physical space whether it’s at home or the office, we’ve invited Susan Walko, owner of Organiz-ER, to talk about organization and how to begin the process as well as keep things orderly. Her work includes:

  • Organizing the workspace via improved business systems, developing and implementing an organization plan, and focusing on continuous improvement.
  • Organizing the home via personal organization skills – whether it’s downsizing, working with hoarders or a whole house clean out.
  • Organizing life by coaching individuals to remove the chaos surrounding their being.

Did you know it only takes 15 minutes a day to remain organized? This session will discuss daily routines and strategies on what to do during the 15 minutes to keep yourself organized – no matter what aspect of your life needs some organization.
As always, our events are open to all, members, non-members, men, women, and anyone else interested in joining the conversation!

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