How Trending Tech is Evolving Member Self Service and Communications

Thursday, May 11 at 11 am CDT

Join the Technology and Operations, Sales & Service Councils to hear about how technology trends like voice-enabled personal assistants, video, “express” IVR, and biometric authentication are impacting Member Self Service options and Member communications.

We will discuss:

  • How video is being used to provide a richer member experience
  • How ITM/PTM sessions are being routed to centralized Omni-Channel MSR’s
  • How IVR’s have morphed into “express information” assistants that predict what a member is calling about
  • The impact that biometrics are having on the balance between information security and ease of member interaction
  • New techniques to detect and thwart social engineering attacks on the contact center
  • How speech-enabled personal assistants such as Alexa/Echo are providing a new level of convenience

Our Speakers from Adapt Telephony Systems will be  Alfredo Rizzo, Senior Director of System Engineering & Product Management and Sue Hoatson, Regional Manager

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