MyInstaSnapTweetBook: Five things you need to know about metrics to rock your social media

Thursday, November 10 at 11 am CT

With social media, the temptation is often to jump on every network as soon as you hear about it. The fear of missing out can be quite strong.

However, you can save your team (and yourself!) a lot of work by taking the time to understand:

  • What you want to do with your social media,
  • What each platform offers, and
  • How to measure results once you do jump in.

 Andrea Parrish
Meet Your Speaker:  Andrea Parrish - Digital Marketing Specialist, STCU

Andrea handles the day-to-day social media planning, posting, and monitoring for one of the nation's top 100 credit unions. Andrea excels at finding, crafting, and communicating powerful, story-driven messages in a variety of platforms.

She has previously served as a magazine managing editor, a professional blogger, SEO consultant, website rebuild project manager, press release author and media contact, marketing coordinator, product photographer, and event manager.

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