Using CECL to Create a Culture of Analytics

The FASB’s Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Methodology requires that financial institutions project lifetime losses for their loan portfolio... But shouldn’t you be doing that already? 

Without understanding how loans contribute to the bottom line, it’s challenging to determine how to provide the most aggregate value to your membership, and ensure that the value provided is being shared equitably among members of all economic background.

In this roundtable session, we’ll discuss the technical components of your CECL calculation, and also how those components can be repurposed to better understand your loan portfolio’s performance. 

Dan Price

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Dan Price, CPA, CFA - President, Twenty Twenty Analytics
Dan is President of 2020 Analytics, specializing in creating customized loan portfolio analytic models for Credit Unions ranging from profitability analytics to Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) forecasting. Dan is a true numbers geek, foreseeing a CPA license in his future beginning as early as elementary school. When he’s not helping credit unions better understand their data, he’s probably analyzing data for fantasy football. 

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