Getting Phishy with Social Engineering Training

“Bad Guys” are lurking everywhere and training your staff not to let them in isn’t easy.  
Join three Technology Council members as they discuss their successful information security awareness programs.  What works, what doesn’t, unique ideas, and best practices.  

Come hear about:
  • Loretta Hogwash and her fan club
  • Frauderick the award-winning phishing Frog
  • Ways to make boring “security awareness” fun
  • Contests and incentives to reward staff for thinking securely
Meet Your Speakers:
  • Chris Sprague, Information Security Engineer, TruWest 
  • David Glod, VP of Information Security, MACU 
  • Lillian Isacks, Information Security Analyst, CFCU Community Credit Union 

This session is Council-member only.  Only register if you are a current CUNA Council member

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