Digital Media Buying Essentials: How to Get Started, Measure Success and Value Your Data

Join us for this great, interactive tag-team session with two experts in Digital Marketing.

Part 1: Get an overview of the most prominent, effective and measurable digital marketing options out there today. We’ll tackle the tough questions like: Is Paid Search and Display right for you? What is an effective budget? Where do I start?

Part 2: Great data is hard to argue with and ROI-based reporting can help your team win more budget for its initiatives. We’ll walk through a Google Analytics account audit and learn how to identify and apply economic values to your CU’s most important goals.

We’ll cover the basics of digital media buying, data measurement and reporting, including:

  • How paid search and display work
  • Types of digital campaigns
  • Defining digital marketing and reporting terms!
  • How to perform a basic audit of your Google Analytics account
  • How to identify, track and assign values to your marketing goals

Meet Your Speakers:

Stephanie Chadwick
Managing Partner/ EVP of Sales & Marketing
Edge Multimedia
Zack Stack
Senior Digital & Creative Strategist
Edge Multimedia
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