Divy Connect The Dots

Finish Divy's face with this great dot-to-dot page.

Divy Maze

Help Divy find his way to the Credit Union to deposit his money!

Birthday Bonus

Michael received $100 from his grandfather for his birthday. He wants to spend some of his birthday money on new Wii games and put some money into savings. Can you help Michael decide how much to spend and how much to save?


David is going shopping for snacks to take on a school trip. His mom gave him a budget of $5. Can you help David make his choices while sticking to his budget?

Emergency Fund

Meghan has $50 saved up in her emergency fund and another $125 in her savings jar. When her soccer ball breaks a neighbor’s window, she needs to come up with $75 to pay for its repair. Can you help her figure out how to get the money she needs?

Gift of Giving

The fifth-grade class at Johnson Middle School wants to collect money for a Christmas gift for their teacher, Miss Hart. There are 20 students in the class and they’d like to buy Miss Hart a bottle of perfume that costs $45. Can you help them organize the gift?

Impulse Purchases

Aisha and Katie are walking home from school. They each have $7 in their wallets. On the way home, they pass by The Coffee House. Can you help Aisha and Katie figure out how much money they can spend on these impulse purchases?

Lucky Lottos

Sean’s older neighbor is hosting a lottery for all the kids in the neighborhood. The prize is $100, with the lottery tickets costing $7 each. Help Sean decide if he should purchase any lottery tickets, and how many (if any).

Peer Pressure

Tyler’s friends have new sneakers and he wants a new pair, too. His mom has agreed to pay $50 toward a new pair and has suggested that, if Tyler wants a more expensive pair, he use his own money to pay for the rest. Can you help Tyler decide on a new pair of sneakers?

Report Card Rewards

Jake’s parents give him $5 for each A he earns on his report card and $2 for every B. Use this information to answer the following questions.

School Supplies

Mrs. Lowry is allowing her two children to do their own school shopping this year. She is giving each child $75 for all of their supplies, excluding a backpack. She has given each child a list of necessary supplies that must be bought with this money and strict instructions that designer supplies can only be purchased if all other supplies are already covered in the budget. She has also stipulated that every child gets to keep any money they have left over from shopping.

The Gift of Giving

Youth Credit Union Month 2021

Savings Smarts

Youth Credit Union Month 2021


Youth Credit Union Month 2021

Being Grateful

Youth Credit Union Month 2021

Kids and Chores

Youth Credit Union Month 2021

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